630 x 230mm / 180g / 3400 lm / 50 Watt

The broadcast edition and carpetino kit is your best choice for being fast and bright without limits. The standard for German television and filmmakers all over the world.

Faster. Lighter. Simpler.

The latest addition to the Carpetlight portfolio is the Broadcast Edition BE10. The lighting solution was developed for EB teams, transport, construction, power supply and correct orientation are precisely tailored to the needs of flexible camera teams in the conception.
To do this, she enters into dialogue with her customers, the public broadcasters. "We have thoughts that the EB teams are under time pressure and have completely different problems than the filmmakers," says Götz Schmidt zur Nedden. "We also thought about how to set up and organize the transport association and still not lose the features.

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Rigging lights takes seconds
Speed matters
Broadcast Edition Bag
Easy to carry for transportation or keep it assembled in the new bag-system
Carpetino Broadcast Edition Essential Kit
All the essential components you need
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