We deliver outstanding results for our clients

We deliver outstanding results for our clients

The Carpetlight office located in the heart of Hamburg


After 20 years in the field as lighting technicians the founders of Carpetlight have developed a unique lighting device that’s patent pending and has become a standard for filmmaking in Europe. Using trusted materials such as rip stop nylon as an outer shell, the light emitting side is covered with monofilament fibres. Taking adavantage of an optical effect this is layer is used to enlarge the lighting area. Underneath this top layer a spacer fabric is located to not only diffuse the light emitting area but as well protect the LEDs from mechanical impacts. The LEDs heat dissipation is done through a patented convection cooled multilayered textile compound.

The innovation

Carpetlight is a high tech lighting product. We are featuring a high CRI tuneable white reaching from 2800 K to over 5600 K. Powered by a PWM with constant current control for a combination ultra fine low light dimming and flicker-free rendering. The LEDs are convection cooled through a patented multilayer textile compound. The outer textile shell ensures maximum mechanical protection and also provides water and dust repellent properties.

On the front side a spacer fabric enlarges and diffuses the light emitting area and most importantly protects the only hard: the LEDs. An additional optical fabric converts the circular light pattern to a linear form. The power supply can be operated remotely via DMX protocol to change the light intensity and colour temperature – or manually directly at the unit. Any DC voltage between 12 and 36 Volts coming from batteries or AC/DC power supplies can be used to power the the Carpetlight.

Our product range features low weight down to 300 grams and a high luminous output up to 8000 lumen. For use as a standard movie floodlight an aluminium frame is supplied to take up the textile lamp and keep it in a rectangular shape. Velcro fasteners and pins are used to fix various accessories. All these options can be changed and adapted to our customer’s requirements. Different LED combinations, lower LED pitch, variations in fabrics and the use of standard CC LED drivers are possible.

Because of it’s high flexibility and durability many other applications seem possible. Ranging from outdoor and survival equipment to fairs and presentation booths – basically any non-permanent structure that requires low weight, quick installation and low power consumption lighting.