Integrated lighting solutions can really set your product apart. Carpetlight opens up a whole new world of lighting possibilities.

Tough and flexible

The composition of our lights separates us from any other led technology that claims to be flexible. The usual construction consists of copper wires or traces that can only be bent or twisted within a limit. With its truly textile features Carpetlights can be used without any limitations. No wires are used inside our lamps, so our conductive threads cannot break. You can squeeze the lamp or tie a knot. It is almost indestructible.

Quality and safety made in Germany

Carpetlight products are handcrafted with the greatest care in Hamburg, Germany and conform to the highest standards of manufacturing. No hazardous materials are used in the process. All our products are certified by the german TÜV NORD ​® ​.
CM Medical

Integrate Carpetlight in your product

If you need a lighting solution and don’t want to compromise on lighting quality or change your product in terms of weight or haptics, Carpetlight is just for you.
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