62 x 24 cm / 500 g

The XP-M gives you all the brightness you need for bigger rooms or areas. Use it alone or use them in a row. Three dimmable light modes: white, red and infrared.
XP-M 1 features
HIGH CRI-LEDs for perfect colour rendition / Series connection / Input 5-30 Volt / Power supply / USB-C port / Compatible with USB-powerbanks / 12 Volt carjack-adapter / Mounting with velcro, magnets, bungee loops, eyelets and MOLLE
Use it in seconds
There is more to care about than installing lights. The patented technology is unique and almost indestructible. Use it whereever you want.
Highest standart / Alamost indestructible / Made in Germany / Water resistant / App-connected / Dimmable / Low light modus / White, red and infrared light modes
Mount it everywhere
The XPLights are absolutely lightweight and offer multiple mounting options. Use it on cars, walls, pipes or clothes. There are no Limits to have the hands free.
Mount XP Lights using: Velcro / Velcro hook / Eyelets / Magnets / Molle
Control it via App
XPLights can be controlled via an App using Bluetooth or Wifi. You can control multiple lamps, organize them in groups, rename them and even program flashing-patterns.
WLAN / Bluetooth low energy / Organize multiple lights in multiple rooms or tents / Program your own tracking or positioning flash-pattern